here it is. the 1st college paper I will actually write. 

I’ve got 3 weeks.

I find this funny.

Not funny, ha-HA. Funny strange, if anything. Acct Info Sys prof sent an email today saying that she added 10 points to our chapter 2 test scores because we only had 60 minutes to take the test, instead of the 90 minutes we were supposed to have. Which does me no good, because I aced the…

I find this funny. was originally published on Still a Utah Hostage

this be my payroll “bible” for the semester. 

and you’re close. we’re on chapter 3.

Before I finally head to bed

Ash is with The Ex this weekend, and I’ve been home working on homework and stuff. It’s been WAY too quiet and lonely.

I only got to watch about the last 3 minutes of mah boys losing to UCLA. I turned the game on *just* after UCLA scored the winning TD. Assholes.

Tonight we started working out the massive miscommunication we’ve had over the past few weeks. We realize that we both have some things to work on.

It took me so long to finish my payroll accounting problems that I was afraid to take that test tonight. Surprisingly, I aced it. Weird. Also, calculating FICA is a bitch.

This is the first time in months that I actually have all my laundry done. Not put away, mind you, but it’s all clean.

Tomorrow I get to play more with my extension tubes while completing my assignment on close-ups. Anyone have subject ideas for the low-key image I need to shoot?

Ok, that’s it. I’m gonna crawl into my warm, if lonely, bed now and try to sleep.

and with that, we have just taken a HUGE step backward.

like two years.


holy shit that was fun.

wonder which half of which question I missed?

peace out peeps! [big kisses]

ok time for a break

for the next 100 minutes (it’s timed), I’ll be taking a test on the accounting cycle.

cuz I gotta.


I totally saw your Utah twin today!

I wish he saw things the same way I do. or that I saw things the same way he does.

maybe then it wouldn’t hurt so much.