I’m in a mood.


I should have clarified. My bad.

The building across from the entrance to my apartment was tagged the other night.

Just pisses me off.

I have ZERO respect for anyone who tags.



I just found out we gotta container headed to Brampton, ON.

It’s due to arrive around mid-December Renee.

How bout I try to stow away on it and we have us an early holiday celebration?

I misses you.

Took the acrylic off my nails a week ago. I always forget how this feels. I look forward to when I can get it back under control and they don’t hurt anymore.

If you know me at all, you know what I’ve done.

G’nite all! Sloppy kisses and booby squishes!

tbh… I don’t want to get this anywhere near my mouth. but my options are limited, so here goes nothing.




Does Courtney Cox’s face on Matthew Perry’s body remind anyone else of this? Or am I just showing my age again?

Friday Five

I haven’t done one of these for a while. I think.

. My back started to spasm in the shower this morning, and now I’m
hurting quite a bit. I’m still moving, though, even though all I want to
do is crawl back in bed.

. I paid off Ash’s trumpet last week. Another bill bites the dust.
YAY. I just wish she would realize that making music is another wonderful
way of expressing her emotions. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

. There are times when I still wonder why Tim loves me. Yeah.
Don’t ask.

. I’m beginning to think I can either do my hair or do my makeup
on weekdays, but not both. Never both. On a good note, I may have salvaged
this haircut. Pfft. Bangs. Who knew?

. My thoughts seem to be disjointed lately. I even notice it when
I speak. I have been having trouble finishing a thought before I move onto
the next one, which makes me sound like I have no clue what I am trying to
say. I am seriously bugged by this. I hope that when my stress level goes
down, and I am able to get some sleep, this will pass. Fingers crossed.

sometimes I play with Ash’s loom more than she does.