Contrary to popular belief, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth.
I promise you all that I am alive, and well. Although, I must admit that sometimes the “well” part has been somewhat questionable.
I needed some time to get my priorities straight, so I took a complete social media break. That’s why I haven’t been around the neighborhood the past few months. Getting away from bookface was SO freakin easy (cuz you KNOW just how much I hate that place), but I had the worst tumblr withdrawls in the beginning. It was kind of funny!
I wish I could say the break is over, but, to be honest, I just don’t know yet. I did want to say “HI!”, though, and let you know I’m ok (and leave you with an early GPOY). Keep an eye out for me, as I may dip my toes in the water from time to time just to check in with everyone. It may be awhile before I actually dive back into the deep end though.
If you left me tumblr messages, but I didn’t respond, I promise I wasn’t ignoring you! Sadly, I didn’t get them. *sigh* Why should we expect anything to change with the new management, right? You can always reach me here, however, and I’m pretty good about responding to emails. Usually.
All my love,

Fever peaked at 103 last night. It’s come down a little bit, but hasn’t broken yet.

I don’t have any acetaminophen (which I could have sworn I had). I’m trying to eat a little something so I can take some ibuprofen. Because my head is killing me, I haven’t eaten in hours, and because, you know, FEVER.

I need sleep.

102+ Degrees

I feel like shit.

Ash and I are in bed together, watching movies. She’s sick too.

We went live on a new computer system over the weekend.

And the two customer service reps we have in SLC didn’t come in today.

Between that and the fact that the new system is pretty slow, I ain’t gettin shit done.

I should have seriously considered a liquid lunch.

I know right?

But seriously, she is an awesome kid, who takes it in stride, and has enough of me in her to see the humor in it.

I luff her.

If the thoughts I’ve had this weekend are any indication, this is going to be a rough week.

I told Ash to get my keys from my purse.

While she had it in her hands, I told her to watch out for my vibrator.

She immediately dropped it.

Tim and I cracked up.

Foreplay will now be, “Honey, my teeth are out!”

Me - when Tim and I were talking to the kids about we “old people” having sex.

There may or may not have also been a walker reference in there somewhere.

Good juju is on its way.

This applies to so many right now.

It’s Friday. YAY.

I have the next two days off (obviously), then a 3-day work week, and then FOUR WHOLE DAYS OFF. Those days won’t come soon enough, I promise you that. I could definitely use some “me” time.

My mother and bio-sis were supposed to come over for dinner last night (about which I have this HUGE post planned), but they didn’t get on the road in time. I shouldn’t be surprised. My mother will be late for her own funeral.

The stress over the family visit caused my face to erupt, literally overnight. Cold sores suck. Let’s hope it disappears as quickly as it reared its ugly head, since my family didn’t actually come over.

No kissing this weekend (see above). This bugs me. A. LOT.

I’m so tempted to eat the other half of my sandwich from lunch. I know I will seriously regret giving into that temptation, though. So it’s just sitting on my desk, taunting me. Bitch.

I just ate it.