I haven’t taken one of these since my full-length mirror was broken 2 years ago (damn movers!). the previous tenants at our new place left this on the door, so I took advantage of it while it’s still there (it will be coming down very soon). clearly, I’ve forgotten how to do one of these. 

I guess I look ok. but I need a haircut and to get back to the gym. soon.

Guess what?

I might have a kids portrait session this weekend!


And also, EEK!

If you have access to the exact same information that I do, but choose not
to use it, then do not act surprised when I am rude to you for having to
find an answer to a question you could have answered yourself.

this morning’s amazing sunrise made me sad that my camera hasn’t been moved to the new place yet.

phone didn’t do it justice. not even close.
feeling kind of derpy this morning, but look! no filters. aren’t you proud?

I’m just listening to music in my car for a few minutes before I go into work.

happy hump day everyone!
I’m still here, and here’s my mug to prove it.

I swear I look more and more like my mother every day. that’s not a good thing.

Happy Friday Peeps

by the end of this weekend, we will be (mostly) moved in and living in the new place. that thought is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I have boxes everywhere. empty and full.

last night, I accomplished 99% of the packing I wanted/needed to do. I stayed on task pretty well, I think.

ash has a lot to learn about packing to move. she’s getting a crash course right now.

ok, time for a shower and to hit this day head on. TGIF! hope you all have a great day!

I’m bored outta my mind waiting while Ash is in with the therapist.

Tell me a story… tell me a joke… help keep me awake?

It's a step in the right direction. Now it's time for a giant leap.

Come on, Supreme Court. I know you have it in you.