new digs are totally sexy, right?
we packed up all the DVDs. except this one.

guess what we’re doing right now?

hey Big G! you know what? you can take your FUTA and shove it right up your SUTA!

could you make it any more complicated? oh, wait. I know. asked and answered.

but guess what? you didn’t beat me. not this chick.

Finally. Payback for all the fart jokes.

Ash: Are we going by our apartment today?
Me: Yeah, we are.
Ash: Good, cuz I need girl things.
Me: Oh, you started?
Ash: Yeah.
Me: And you weren't prepared?
Ash: Yeah, I was so not prepared.
TJ: What are you guys talking about? Wait, never mind. I'm putting my headphones on now.
TJ: [cringes while covering his ears]
Me: [can't breathe from laughing]
Tim: [coming out of the bathroom, wearing a half-amused, half-shocked look] That was WAY TMI.
Me: [still laughing]
Here’s some truth to go with my “wine.”
I decided to try a new flavor (I was kinda forced to, as the store didn’t have the one I actually wanted). Hells bells that stuff is YUMMAY! Now if I could just get it in an IV.
Today is the first day of wearing my reading glasses at work. Hold me. It feels really weird to be wearing glasses and contacts at the same time. I know. I know. I just need to get used to it. *sigh* Aging sucks.
The exhaustion is starting to show in my face again. And I’ve almost completely lost how far ahead I was in two of my classes. And I am not getting as far as I wish I was on my paper; I only have two weeks left to write it. I wish I could just take a day off to sleep and regain the ground I have lost. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to take the time off of work. I mean, I can *afford* to take the time off. I just can’t afford to take the *time* off. Work is too busy. It would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul.
Once Tim and I started looking for our new place…wait for it… *TOGETHER*, everything happened so fast! We went from looking at ads, to viewing a townhouse, to applying, being approved, and signing a lease in less than a week! As he said, the timing was right. We didn’t have to fight to make it happen. That hasn’t stopped me from freaking the fuck out over it, but you know how it is.
Last night, I did something that is out of, and at the same time very much in, character for me. The feedback I’ve received is good, but of course I’m picking it apart at the molecular level. I [often] wonder if the day will ever come where I will cut myself some slack, both professionally and personally.
Hormones. Are. A. Bitch. There you have it. A vague reference to a post I have been trying to write for the past month.
I love shooting in natural light, but I wish I had a studio. Maybe someday.
for a moment, brief that it was, I considered intentionally wearing these to work. 

to see if anyone noticed, of course.

After over 6 months of working here, HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER OUR WAREHOUSE HOURS ARE 7-2:30?????

me (internally), to co-worker, while I try to keep from strangling her in her chair.

I shouldn’t complain.

chapter 4 test score is a solid A. I’m still beating myself up over it, though, and I don’t even know which ones I got wrong yet.