VBA is kickin my ass tonight.


now I must watch this.


That’s the response I got from The Ex after sending him Ash’s FDOS pic.

I loathe that 4-letter word.

FDOS* contribution number eleventy million and twenty-seven for your consideration.
This kid (along with her brother) is my everything.
I would die for her.
I would kill for her.
Mostly, I try to teach her to not be an asshole, so I don’t have to kill HER.
And now she’s a sophomore. It’s unreal to me.
She is finally getting a clue that our impromptu photo sessions are actually a good thing. For both of us.
I can’t wait for when it comes time to shoot her senior portraits. And yet I dread it at the same time.
* - first day of school

Will it get you drunk?

Only if I have about 24 of them. I’m in Utah, remember?

Whomever came up with the whole three-two concept should be shot. And I know I’m not alone in this.

I’ll give you 3 guesses to figure out where this is going.  (hint: it’s also green)

I hate feeling like an afterthought.

It makes me say and do stupid things.

Why couldn’t I sleep in today?


I don’t want to do homework.

Me: Well, I'm gonna go get in the shower.
Me: And throw away my bra.
Me: Give a little eulogy. [sniff]
Ash: [sarcastically] Ok. That's good. You do that.
Me: You're weird.
Ash: You're the one giving a eulogy to a BRA.
Me: [laughs]
her new glasses!