Here is Ash’s new do.

My roots (and that huge spot I missed last time) are marinating. I sure hope I covered it all this time.

My eyebrows even got a little [cough] tlc (just 3 minutes, though, bcuz I’m not going for a Groucho Marx look, ya know).

And hopefully tomorrow, or Thursday, I will have a new do.

It’s time for a change.

So many folders to make, so little time. I hate Mondays.

I broke my blog.

That’s just great.

Apparently he was bored.

I can’t post a pic of the new do yet. Not until The Ex sees it.

Time to get the dogs groomed…


It’s what’s for dinner?

Nah, I couldn’t get that lucky.

I’m in a mood.


I should have clarified. My bad.

The building across from the entrance to my apartment was tagged the other night.

Just pisses me off.